Créaset is mobilising to minimise its impact on the environment, by initiating real ecological growth. This transformation must be carried out through changes in mentality and modes of production and consumption.

The Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) has just crowned our approach. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) is applied to all our activities, which extend from placement advice, via creation and production.

Créaset has since 2009 pursued an environmental awareness rationale, through the implementation of purchasing less polluting materials, technological choices geared to better environmental performance and a recycling system. Créaset’s commitment has been given concrete shape through the creation of “Créaset Environnemental” – a label for targeting our ecological actions and for the introduction of recycling of tarpaulins into second-life products (e.g. bags, laptop covers, etc.).

Our EMS approach is participatory. The involvement of all Créaset staff is vital for our management system. We are endeavouring to bring about a real change in our firm’s corporate culture by including the environmental issue as a major element. We have created a set of good environmental practices to raise our ecological awareness. The visual, cross-sectional communication in our EMS is essential to maximise internal and external awareness in the company. We work as a team to make our EMS more efficient and to boost employee participation.

To implement our EMS, we turned to the EMAS easy method and its various specific tools, developed in four steps. First, the initial analysis is made using visual eco-maps to define our “ecological status.” Second, we carry out a complete study of our processes, starting with our consumption of raw materials. The third step is planning, intended to identify the significant aspects of the company and then set objectives and define an action plan. And finally, supported implementation thanks to the creation of an EMAS team, with good visual practices, instructions and communications posted at strategic places, awareness raising among employees through personalised environmental identity cards, plus internal and external communication adapted to the monitoring of our indicators and objectives. The implementation is verified by means of QuickCheck and internal audits.

All those efforts have enabled us to obtain EMAS and ISO14001 certification.

Créaset Environment Manager
Tel : 32 (0)2 389 14 28