The digital in-store experience involves the shopper through mobile devices, by integrating social media, interactivity and by creating an experience that entices the shopper into your store. When done successfully, this experience leads to higher customer loyalty as well as sales growths.

Créaset can provide you dynamic, interactive and tailor made solutions that can be deployed to your stores in order to make the bridge between the online and offline experience. It has been reported that taking a bridge approach has helped retailers achieve sales growths between 10% and 20%.

Our expertise enables us to provide a fusion of technology and decoration. While the motion, interactivity, digital technologies capture and improve your customer’s experience, we know that the store ambiance is still the highest priority for retail customers. That’s why we create the ideal communication mix of both concepts and feelings according to your brand.

LED screens and video wall, interactive LED Totems, projection on a glass wall, our offer is varied and customized to yours needs. With digital signage, you will do more than ever.

Both sides LED Totems installed at the Suzuki stand at Brussels Auto Show 2016.

Indoor high resolution LED Screen, combined with a window sticker’s decoration.

For the Brussels Auto Show 2016, we have installed interactive totems at the Heysel underground station.

12m² LED screen that broadcast promotions and teaser footage of the new vehicles of the brand. Impressive image quality (P6) and remote content management.

New-tech equipment’s have been integrated by Créaset at GSA headquarter. It includes a welcome screen, a big tactile table with its digital content in 4 languages and a tailor made 16-screen video wall with its content management system.

We have integrated digital technologies into the first Hyundai pop-up Brandstore of Belgium, at the Waasland shopping center (Sint-Niklaas). An Indoor LED screen promoting the new Tucson, and interactive totems which enables customers to compare the whole range of the brand, ask for a driving test, and many more!

For the release of “Skyfall,” the new James Bond film, the Kinepolis group, Coca-Cola Belgium and Créaset put the small bottles in the big bottles – an action aimed to appeal to the flagship target of Coca-Cola Zero: young men aged 16 to 24 years old. To do so, interactive terminals with movement sensors were placed at the exit of the shops of the complexes. The budding James Bond will be invited to play and will make his way through a Laser room unscathed to be able to bring out the secret agent that lies dormant in him. Once the challenge has been met, the player can share his spy licence on his Facebook wall directly via the terminal.

A participator experience close to a video game made possible thanks to an ingenious device. An immersive, playful experience that enables Coke “Zero” to create a buzz, consolidate its positioning, capture data and generate traffic in the cinemas – plus a trip to Istanbul for the winner. Two terminals in all were placed at Kinepolis complexes. A creative concept, developed, produced and put in place entirely by Créaset (3D content, Facebook link, competition, placement, maintenance).

Our teams assumed the task to remake the interior of the European Commission’s visitors’ centre in the Charlemagne building and to develop an interactive application in partnership with the ULB retracing the Commission’s history ever since it was created.

Projection by hologram of a Ferrero in 3D – an eye-catching strategy conceived by Digidyn in collaboration with Créaset. 

BNP Paribas Fortis invests in mobile banking: PC banking customers can henceforth carry out their banking operations (bank account balance, statements, transfers) from anywhere, via their smartphone. This service also makes it possible to find a bank branch wherever one may be. Finally, in order to promote this innovation, BNP Paribas Fortis launched a major campaign geared to the cinema, radio, press, branch posters, 2m² bus shelter, Vespasius, B-bock, B-mat and Airport signage.

The culmination of this campaign is an original bus shelter: the iBribus [iBusShelter]. It is an interactive touch poster in the form of a smartphone. The first touch screen bus shelter ! It enables passers-by to test the application in the bus shelter as if they would use a smartphone. To mark the occasion and bolster the message of the bank being accessible from everywhere at all times, the extraordinary bus shelter at the Porte Louise, the “Brand Zone,” is covered with a trompe l’oeil which represents a BNP Paribas Fortis branch.