A genuine director for exhibitions and conferences organised in the different departments of institutions, Créaset is the ideal partner that can take on the overall management of projects. From the idea sketched on paper to the final event, we drawn on our experience to take charge and provide customised solutions for the concept, development, general design, decoration, choice of furniture, assembling and disassembling.

Our expertise has already been brought to bear for surprising set designs for important events in places that did not seem made for them. Our service is deliberately complete to meet the needs and requirements of a public that is now in search of immersion experiences in theme situations.

"NEXT" exhibition realised by Peter Kogler at the Brussels ING Art Center. The immersive exhibition features a panorama of his extensive work.

A 360° artistical covering from floor to ceiling processed, printed & placed by Créaset.

Organisation and decoration of the EU-US summit of March 2014 at the European Council in Brussels. The fine set designs for the event elicited congratulations from the communication services of the White House and the Elysée Palace.

The European Space Expo is a unique travelling exhibition in Europe. The free exhibition highlights the many ways in which the EU space programme helps EU citizens 'on the ground' every day. The Expo presents key information on the European space programmes - from satellite navigation (Galileo and EGNOS) to Earth observation (Copernicus) in an engaging and entertaining way. The aim of the Expo is to show citizens how European space policy and space-based technologies benefit our everyday lives on earth and also of course, their importance for the European economy and job creation.

Over the last 3 years more than 800 000 European citizens have now visited the European Space Expo, as it continues its tour of major European cities.

Creaset is one of the founders of the European Space Expo Project and is responsible for the whole organization. Our global expertise starts from the venue’s selection in each city, the permits, safety and technical compliance, the transport and building, to the digital content management including translations of the kiosks and other unique displays (Omniglobe, Holographic display), to the schools’ invitation and speakers’ programme with our partners, to the various local services, the side-events during the Expo and the specific decoration as well.

The GSA Headquarters’ metamorphosis has been designed and implemented by Créaset. It includes the whole decoration as well as new-tech equipments.

Every year, we produce a booth for the “Research and Innovation” Directorate General at the AAAS Fair in the United States: 2013 in Boston, 2014 in Chicago, 2015 in San Jose.. Graphics, production, placement, etc. are seen to by our teams.

Background scene decoration and video content management for the Lobby Awards event.

Complete organization of the 20 years of Century 21. An event with more than 400 franchised network for a day conference followed by a gala evening in a castle privatized for the occasion.

Créaset participated in the first edition of the 7 golf Sensations exhibition in Ostend, with the set design for the entire event and the production of the stands.

Proud to have contributed to the organization of the GSA event "EGNOS Flight 2015".

We also provide turnkey solutions for (customised) exhibition booths, temporary structures (concept store, pop-up store, etc.) and event staging. Each offer is conceived and calibrated according to your ambitions, expectations and constraints.

Floor stickers, stretched canvas, ... a whole visual optical illusion creation for the RMB 30 years event.