Brands and distributors realised in the last decade that in order to continue to appeal to the consumer, they had to reinvent the points of sale without fail. The strategic transformation led to sizeable transfers of advertising budgets to retail communication.

Créaset’s experience, deep knowledge of the retail sector, communication needs and imperatives (management of surfaces, shelf displays, etc.) make our firm a proactive and reliable partner in the retail field. Profiled on the one stop shop concept, Créaset controls the entire chain of this strategic visual genre, from analysis to establishment, from design to production.

Our commitment is to sublimate the client’s demand through innovative technical solutions combined with the rigour of our processes and our quality charter. In the end, a considerable part of our mission is geared to keeping the customer satisfied, with optimal comfort and downright pleasure when shopping.

Shop in the shop, corner, category management, signage, segmentation, theatricalisation, etc. are all means that bolster the marketing strategy nowadays and promote the advancement of sales directly. The points of sale become a real means of expression, a stage on which the image of distributors is burnished and the emotional value of the brands enhanced.

Turning purchasing power into wanting to buy has always been a priority for Créaset. The firm’s expertise in Retail Marketing provides guarantees for results thanks to an overall control of design and production on site, as well as the deployment of qualified technicians.

Let’s discover the new look of the "Melsbroeck Delhaize", in brussels. A whole decoration, interior and exterior signage made by Créaset.

Large format window stickers for the launch of the new class C.

For the launch of the Hyundai i10 and the partnership with M&M's, we created various set designs for several dealers of the brand.

During construction/renovation, it is important to maintain the link with your customers. Enjoy the hoarding or storefront to inform, communicate, mark your presence.

Launched in 1965, the Belgian company Krëfel now has nearly 70 outlets throughout the country and in Luxembourg and has emerged as a real market leader in multimedia, household appliances, and in the chain’s more spacious shops, fitted kitchens. The makeover has been ever so discrete and shrewd through the years, in remembrance of the first shop in Schaerbeek with the windows painted white in order to titillate the curiosity of passers-by.

In September 2005, in the midst of the shop remodelling phase, Mobistar opted for a very bright, simple and user-friendly concept: the result of a symbiotic cooperation by and between the Mobistar Marketing Team, the AIR agency, the British design firm Fitch and Créaset on the production and implementation front.

Carrefour Planet, “a different shopping experience,” to cite the slogan geared to the clientele. A first “dry run” too, according to the specialists, with forecasts of an 18% increase in sales over five years, a gross turnover of €650 million, and 94% of loyal customers. It is not a side issue, by any means, to be able to meet the legitimate requirements for such an innovative deployment and to review the visual communication of all these enormous commercial premises, all the more so as the deadlines are tight. Demonstrating yet once again our capacity for feats of technical prowess and for being at the cutting edge in our field at all times, Créaset is particularly proud to be the partner of choice for an undertaking of such magnitude, taking up concurrently a technical and commercial challenge, whilst showing clear determination to improve society.

Creating a relaxed, friendly atmosphere for the food chain Exki.

Giant billboard on the bay window of the Drogenbos Renault Centre for the launch of the new Renault Clio.

The makeover of Quick hamburger restaurants in Belgium is under way. A new environment conceived by Carré Associates to provide fast food lovers with a setting in which they feel at home. A concept in tune with the desires of contemporary shoppers. Production and implementation by Créaset.

An interior signage and decaling project to measure for the branches of the Christian mutual benefit insurance system. Every branch has been given a makeover taking due account of the specific features of their graphic charter.