Operating on the ONE STOP SHOP principle in our sector entails sizeable investments, first on the human but also on the technological front. Freedom of action, spirit of initiative, rigour and organisation… It all spells “Créaset on Mission,” the leitmotiv adhered to by all our staff, whether salaried or self-employed. Proud to be part of an ambitious undertaking, they give their utmost each and every day.

For its part, the technological aspect requires daily updates, as well as a clear vision of the opportunities of the future. A fleet of large format digital printers enables us to provide the best technical solution for each application. Demanded by constant development and growth, thanks to a powerful IT platform moreover we can process billions of data in real time without any risk. Last, but far from least, our 3D graphic studio designs and enriches creations, after a briefing and consultation with the client.